Educating, Empowering and Developing tomorrow’s culinary and hospitality industry leaders though passion for excellence, dedication to the community and a rhythmic sense of empowerment…where Restaurants Are Theatre. ~ The Paul J. Cohn Commitment



A passion for some, a dream come true for others, its job training that kick starts change, education and opportunity for many of the District’s young adults. Learning that tomatoes grow on a vine and are green before they turn red is mind-boggling. Eating a burger from fresh ground meat, rather than a frozen fast-food patty, is life changing. Seeing a large tuna fresh caught from the east coast earlier that morning stimulates realization that fish in its natural state is not canned.

Founded in 2010 as the brainchild of Paul J.Cohn, known to most as DC’s ambassador of hospitality, and Elizabeth Brasfield Scott, an industry-born entrepreneur and marketing and creative director, Cohn’s Culinary & Hospitality Management Academy, a District of Columbia 501(c)3, and its programs, Cohn’s Kitchen and One City Eats, serves to educate, empower and develop the youth and young adults in the District of Columbia as the next generation of culinary and restaurant professionals and entrepreneurs.  LEARN MORE


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